8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Structural Steel

Structural Steel Provides Clear Advantages for Your Building Project

structural steelIf you’re creating project plans for a new building, you are likely evaluating the costs and benefits of a variety of building materials. There’s one decision that’s easy: the choice of structural steel for your project. No other material has the distinct advantages of steel. Here are eight reasons why there is no alternative to structural steel:

  1. It’s cost-effective. No other material for structural framing provides the same benefit. Not only is it a good choice for its initial low cost, but it also reduces your costs related to the foundation and façade systems.
  2. Structural steel supports a more streamlined building process. Your structural steel is fabricated off-site while your foundation and site preparation work are being completed. Once your foundation is ready, the steel erection can be done quickly and efficiently.
  3. You maximize floor space. The lightweight, yet strong quality of structural steel makes it possible to eliminate the need for columns or other support structures, giving you the opportunity to maximize your square footage.
  4. Designers love it. Using structural steels gives you a wide range of possibilities for design. It can be curved or rolled and accommodates any unique building design.
  5. It’s adaptable. A structural steel design can always be adjusted and reconfigured to address future design or building requirements.
  6. Its quality is predictable. Steel is fabricated off-site, with precise, controlled conditions to make a consistent, predictable product.
  7. Your productivity improves. Structural steel is fabricated using an advanced supply chain, with specialized technology like computer-aided technology. This eliminates errors and keeps your project on-schedule.
  8. It’s an environmentally responsible choice. The structural steel industry produces an average of 90 percent recycled materials in its mills. In addition, when your building is at the end of its life, 100 percent of the structural steel can be recycled.

Steel is incredibly adaptable to your design. No matter what changes come into your building plans, or how it needs to change in the future to accommodate new requirements, your choice of steel will always be the best option.

Midland Steel is your source for both steel fabrication and erection in the Kansas City metro area. We celebrate a high level of quality from start to finish on every job, and we value the partnerships we make with contractors across the region. Call us today to find out more about using structural steel in your next building project.

Why it Matters That You Choose an AISC Certified Steel Company

If a Steel Contractor is Not AISC Certified, Continue Your Search

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) was formed in the 1920s as a way to promote the interests of the steel industry, and also to ensure that certain quality and instruction standards were met. Today, being AISC certified means that a company adheres to a rigorous, and often changing, set of standards of quality and safety.

You may ask, “Surely there’s a cost involved. Wouldn’t it be cheaper for me to hire a non-AISC certified steel company?”

Of course it would, but you’ll pay for that choice in other ways. A steel company that doesn’t hold the AISC certification misses out on a variety of benefits, and these are benefits that affect you and your building project. Here are the advantages of using an AISC certified steel company:

Superior quality: This is the most significant difference between an AISC certified job and a non-certified job. Your project will adhere to the strictest standards of quality, from welding procedures to equipment calibration, all recorded in the Quality Management System for the project. The result is that your project is of excellent quality and there’s less risk of errors or delay.

Increased accountability: There are regular audits of AISC certified fabricators and erectors to be sure that the quality levels and safety standards are adhered to throughout the company. This accountability lets the customer know that not only does your steel fabricator and erector know the right way to do things, but that they are actually doing it the right way.

The newest technology: When you use an AISC certified steel company, you enjoy knowing that they are up-to-date for the latest codes and techniques that ensure your projects will pass inspection.

Improved safety: An AISC certified company has strict safety standards that ensure your building project stays on track without any added delays or costs because of a safety incident. Like you, your steel company wants to keep its employees safe, and adhering to the AISC rules help your steel company meet safety standards.

Streamlined productivity: An AISC certified steel company is accustomed to using a uniform process for completing a building project according to code. Your project will be impacted by fewer delays and problems because the steel contractor you’ve chosen knows what’s required and follows their set procedures.

Midland Steel  is an AISC certified steel company that provides all of these valuable benefits to the contractors we partner with on building projects. We are also AWS certified and we celebrate safety and superior quality above all other priorities, and appreciate working alongside other companies that also value these important elements of an effective and streamlined building process. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!

Are You Looking for a Steel Company That Does Both Fabrication and Erection?

Midland Steel Company Delivers Excellence From Start to Finish

steel companyDid you know if you choose Midland Steel Company you will be working with a company that does both fabrication and erection? Midland Steel offers a high quality experience for both and makes it a priority to form partnerships with other local contractors on projects in the Kansas City metro area.

Fabrication: At Midland Steel, we handle everything from simple to highly complex projects. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced staff lend their expertise to interpreting and coordinating your complete structural project. Working with steel ensures that your building’s foundation is structurally sound, and it is an economical choice that provides flexibility for a variety of design options.

We have the resources to build and install your entire framework. Whether you require beams, columns, metal deck, or bar joists, your project will be completed per your exact specifications. You can count on us to deliver quality from start to finish on the job.

We utilize specialized software that helps to deliver your exact specifications. Particularly in cases where special architectural features are included, we have the technology to carry complex designs through to completion.

Erection: While for many years Midland Steel worked solely in fabrication, sending projects to other companies for erection, we are proud to offer a seamless experience with both erection and fabrication under one group.

Most general contractors prefer to work with a steel company that is equipped to provide high quality work in both fabrication and erection, and since 2008, Midland Steel has been offering this one-stop service.

The benefit to you: You can see the excellence that we commit to all our projects the next time you visit Spratt Stadium at Missouri Western State University or Compass Elementary School in Platte City, MO. When you work with a company that offers both fabrication and erection, you benefit from a seamless project, without experiencing the delays that are common when working with separate fabrication and erection companies.

You also benefit from the collaborative attitude that governs all Midland Steel projects, where employees respect one another and prioritize good communication to ensure that your project is done the way you want it. You won’t experience the adjustments and back charges that can occur when you use separate fabrication and erection companies.

To find out more about the variety of projects that Midland Steel Company has completed, or to learn more about our fabrication or erection divisions, give us a call. We look forward to working with you!

3 Reasons to Choose Midland Steel Company

Midland Steel Promises Excellence in Customization, Craftsmanship and Experience

Midland Steel CompanyWhen you’re beginning a construction project, you have hundreds of decisions to make, from major ones, such as which general contractor to use, to minor finishing elements, such as light fixtures and signs. When it comes to choosing a fabricating and erection subcontractor, your decision is easy. Midland Steel Company delivers high quality projects.

There are three top reasons to choose Midland Steel for your project, though they provide just a glimpse into the satisfying experience you’ll have working with us:

Customization: Midland Steel can deliver exactly what your design team desires. When you’re working on a project that incorporates creative elements for a unique design, we have the expertise and resources to build to your specifications.

Every project is handled through a consistent and efficient process, working from drawings provided by the design team. We then prepare the working shop and erection drawings using SDS-2 software, creating 3-D models of your project.

Craftsmanship: General contractors often prefer to work with a steel company that provides both fabrication and erection services, and we are proud to offer this seamless project experience. Having both components of steel production under one group means that you eliminate the potential delays and back charges that can occur when separate companies handle your fabrication and erection.

Our employees share a commitment to excellence, and are committed to working together to produce high quality craftsmanship. As a result, we enjoy a very low staff turnover rate.

Experience: Over the course of Midland Steel’s existence since the early 1960s, the theme of the company has been growth. Even after the flood of 1993 put Midland Steel’s headquarters under water, the company continued to forge ahead, landing local and regional contracts for fabrication projects.

Some of the first major projects of Midland Steel were buildings for what is now Missouri Western State University. Today, Midland Steel’s work can be seen across the region at the Kansas City Zoo, Hollywood Casino, Kansas City Chiefs Front Office, Kansas Speedway and Sprint Campus. We have demonstrated our ability to deliver exceptional work on a variety of projects.

Midland Steel celebrates mutual respect among employees and values the partnerships that we enjoy with construction partners in the Kansas City metro area. As a company, we focus on always delivering good work while prioritizing honesty, integrity and the good of the local community.

To find out more of the many reasons why you should choose Midland Steel for your next construction project, give us a call. We look forward to hearing about your plans for a successful building development.