Good Communication is Key to Efficient Construction Projects

A steel construction project is known for its efficiency and cost effectiveness. It’s probably one of the key reasons you’ve chosen to work with a steel fabrication and erection company to complete your project.

As with any project, there’s always a risk for delays due to miscommunication, errors or other incidents. While there may be an unavoidable situation that occurs, experience demonstrates that most delays in construction are preventable and the process can be streamlined from start to finish. Here are five of the ways that you can ensure that your construction project progresses efficiently:

  1. Answer all questions in the detailing phase in a timely manner. This is a part of the project that can get bogged down, as the project waits for critical detail information from you.
  2. Make sure everything is addressed and answered on approval. Again, this is a way to keep the project moving forward and reducing delays that might impact your final completion date.
  3. Provide prompt approval of drawings. We work with specialized software that makes 3-D drawings of your project, which can be used to expedite the fabrication process. However, until you’ve approved the drawing, we can’t move forward on the construction of your building.
  4. Minimize design changes. If you think there’s any chance you’ll incorporate a change into your design, let’s talk about it in the early stages of the discussion. It will create a significant delay in the completion of your project if you make changes to your design after the drawings are completed.
  5. Work to create coordination with other trades, such as HVAC, Curtainwall and other sub-contractors that will work with your steel contractor on the project.

There are many benefits that come with choosing steel for your construction project. Besides being a sustainable choice, a cost-effective option and a material that allows for design creativity, one of the most important benefits is the speed at which you can construct a steel structure.

If you’d like to find out more about the timeline for a steel construction project, Midland Steel Company would be happy to show you some examples of projects we’ve completed. Make an appointment for a free consultation and we’ll talk through your ideas for your project and show you some similar projects that might provide insight into our conversation.