Your Steel Fabrication Company Should Help You Avoid Errors and Delays

There are a lot of decisions to make early in a building project, and one of the key choices is your steel fabrication company. It’s tempting to choose based on cost alone, but if you do, you may end up paying more in the long run, in addition to paying more in terms of how much time you’ll spend trying to adjust your plans to accommodate a problematic fabrication schedule.

As you look at different companies and ask questions, you need to listen between the lines to find out if you’ve got the right fit for your project. Here are two key areas that should influence your decision:

Communication: In the early conversations, when you’re determining whether you’ll use a particular steel fabrication company, look for signs that they prioritize communication. They should also be interested in the following information and listen closely to your plans:

  • The design elements you’d like to include
  • The finished weight and strength requirements
  • Your budget for your project
  • Your deadline for finishing your building

The company should be able to provide detailed examples of similar projects they’ve worked on and tell you how they’ve previously handled any challenges that could come up with your project. Ask them how often you’ll see them on the job site, and who will be there.

Quality: Look for a steel fabrication company that embraces quality as a core value and makes it an integral part of their daily work. Talk with other builders about the company you’re considering and watch for signs of poor quality:

  • A reputation for providing a low bid, but then adding on more costs later with extras or variations in the project
  • Fails to finish a job properly
  • Substitutes cheaper or low-quality materials
  • Does not have a quality-control process

Ask for the testimonials of satisfied customers, and ask what policies and processes are in place to maintain a high-quality level. You should also ask whether they do both fabrication and erection, because there can be added delays if you need to use separate companies for each of these parts of your building process.

Your building project requires many critical decisions, and choosing a steel fabrication company is arguably the most important. Midland Steel Company is committed to a high-quality standard that is carried out on a daily basis, with every task that our workers complete. Make an appointment with us to talk about your project, and we’ll show you examples of completed projects that are similar to yours. We always offer our clients the opportunity to talk with contractors and building owners that have worked with us in the past, so that you have every assurance that your project with be completed with the highest level of quality.