A Steel Company With Expertise and Experience Will Give You the Best Results

When you’re looking for a steel company to partner with you on an upcoming project, you will inevitably encounter some options between union and non-union workers. For small business owners, this decision can be challenging, because you may be on a limited budget that doesn’t seem to support the wages that unions demand.

It’s also possible that as a business owner, you’ve heard that union labor isn’t a good deal because you must pay each worker the same amount, regardless of their performance. When you look a little more closely at a steel company that provides union labor, you will find their work is quality and that it actually costs your company less than other options.

Expertise: If you’re hiring a generalist, then union labor probably isn’t a good choice for you. If your project needs a worker with a specialist’s expertise, a union worker is ideal. They have in-depth knowledge and an ability to anticipate possible problems.

Experience: When you choose a union worker, you can be sure that they have extensive experience in the job they’re hired to do. Unions tend to be meticulous about their apprenticeship programs, so once a worker is on their own, they are fully up to speed and ready to do high-quality work.

Safety: If you have union workers on your site, you can be sure that they’re adhering to OSHA safety standards. After all, unions aren’t just about better wages for quality work. They’re also focused on the health and safety of workers, which means your project site will be safer. If union workers encounter a dangerous situation, they’ll shut down until it is resolved, instead of taking unnecessary risks.

Labor relations: If there’s a problem with a particular worker, union leaders and management handle it for you. You will not have to directly deal with a union worker that isn’t meeting expectations.

Public relations: If you hire a steel company that does not have union labor, you may need to prepare for some public relations concerns. If you’re a well-known company or if your company earned the job through a government agency, you may encounter some pushback from the community if you hire non-union laborers to do your steelwork.

When you want to hire a steel company committed to quality work and adherence to the highest quality and safety standards, choose Midland Steel. Give us a call to talk about your project and where Midland Steel Company can offer value and unparalleled quality.