If a Steel Contractor is Not AISC Certified, Continue Your Search

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) was formed in the 1920s as a way to promote the interests of the steel industry, and also to ensure that certain quality and instruction standards were met. Today, being AISC certified means that a company adheres to a rigorous, and often changing, set of standards of quality and safety.

You may ask, “Surely there’s a cost involved. Wouldn’t it be cheaper for me to hire a non-AISC certified steel company?”

Of course it would, but you’ll pay for that choice in other ways. A steel company that doesn’t hold the AISC certification misses out on a variety of benefits, and these are benefits that affect you and your building project. Here are the advantages of using an AISC certified steel company:

Superior quality: This is the most significant difference between an AISC certified job and a non-certified job. Your project will adhere to the strictest standards of quality, from welding procedures to equipment calibration, all recorded in the Quality Management System for the project. The result is that your project is of excellent quality and there’s less risk of errors or delay.

Increased accountability: There are regular audits of AISC certified fabricators and erectors to be sure that the quality levels and safety standards are adhered to throughout the company. This accountability lets the customer know that not only does your steel fabricator and erector know the right way to do things, but that they are actually doing it the right way.

The newest technology: When you use an AISC certified steel company, you enjoy knowing that they are up-to-date for the latest codes and techniques that ensure your projects will pass inspection.

Improved safety: An AISC certified company has strict safety standards that ensure your building project stays on track without any added delays or costs because of a safety incident. Like you, your steel company wants to keep its employees safe, and adhering to the AISC rules help your steel company meet safety standards.

Streamlined productivity: An AISC certified steel company is accustomed to using a uniform process for completing a building project according to code. Your project will be impacted by fewer delays and problems because the steel contractor you’ve chosen knows what’s required and follows their set procedures.

Midland Steel  is an AISC certified steel company that provides all of these valuable benefits to the contractors we partner with on building projects. We are also AWS certified and we celebrate safety and superior quality above all other priorities, and appreciate working alongside other companies that also value these important elements of an effective and streamlined building process. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!