New Addition Will House Handrail and Light Architectural Components

Since its beginning in the early 1960s, Midland Steel Company has been growing. By 1980, the company had already outgrown the existing fabrication shop they’d acquired and it was time to build a new location in Wathena, Kansas. The custom-constructed building was designed to serve the needs of the operation well into the future.

Like any other construction company, Midland Steel has weathered a few ups and downs, riding through each recession and thankful each time to see the other side. The flood of 1993 also created some challenges for the company, particularly when the Missouri River overflowed the levees and the owners of the company required a boat to access headquarters and assess the damage.

Throughout the many tests and trials that a company must weather, Midland Steel has enjoyed steady growth. From building and renovating projects for Missouri Western State University to projects for the Kansas Speedway, the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery and Arrowhead Stadium, Midland Steel Company appreciates the many opportunities they have had to participate in local commerce.

Midland Steel Company attributes its pattern of growth to the exemplary work ethic of its 65 employees. We are proud of our reputation for getting each project done on time and with the highest quality standards, a characteristic that only endures when every employee commits to excellence.

Time to Expand Again!

As Midland Steel has expanded its customer base, the need for a physical expansion became clear. A new 50 by 90-foot addition will house handrail and light architectural components for the erection and fabrication company. The project is currently being completed by Midland Steel Erection. The new addition is located at 202 Boeh Lane, at the eastern edge of Wathena.

If you’re planning a building project, contact our team at Midland Steel Company. We’ll show you around our new addition, then show you examples of projects we’ve completed that are similar to yours. We look forward to hearing about your project.