3-D Steel Structure Design Tools Reduce Errors and Lead Time

When you choose a steel fabricator and erector company, you want to be sure that they have utilized the best and most advanced software on the market to reduce the number of errors on your steel structure design project and ensure that delays are minimized and, ideally, eliminated.

When 3-D software for steel structure design is utilized, your project goals can more effectively be met. While your project costs may seem higher at the outset with a contractor that uses the latest technology, you will avoid the hidden costs of delays and errors in the long run. Here are a few of the benefits of using a company that works with 3-D software:

Automatic generation of drawings: Once the steel structure design is in the 3-D software system, it’s simple to automatically produce the drawings you need for any stage or segment of the project.

Clear visuals: Working in a 3-D system gives you a clear picture of every part of the project and the ability to visualize how the finished design will look. Creating an ISOmetric building evaluation to visualize the project design helps the erection process too, because contractors are able to predict any challenges that might come up during the erection process.

Scale drawings: Your drawings are always to scale. You’ll never need to do any figuring to align your plans with the scale of your project.

One update: When you update one aspect of your project, it updates the details across the model and with every drawing associated with the project. There’s no concern about conflicting drawings with a 3-D software tool.

Reduced errors: You can produce a Bill of Material straight from the project plans so that there’s little room for error. This automatic generation of a Bill of Material means that the potential for human error has been significantly reduced.

BIM: “Building Information Modeling” allows the 3-D software to export a file that can be merged into all principles models for a “real-time” construction status, being able to highlight any clashes between trades thus minimizing installation down time.

When you partner with Midland Steel Company for your steel structure design and erection, you’ll get the benefit of the 3-D software utilizing Design Data’s SDS/2 program. It provides the most advanced intelligence and automation available for steel design. It automatically considers the most economic solutions for fabrication and erection, which no other 3-D software does automatically.

Not only is SDS/2 Detailing advanced at automation for your projects, but it’s also flexible. You’ll have the ability to create any design for fabrication and erection, allowing plenty of room for creative and innovative design.

Midland Steel Company provides customer-focused service paired with a commitment to quality. Our experience and our partnership approach to fabrication and erection have made us a reliable choice for contractors across the region.