Recycling is at the Top of the List For Reasons to Use Structural Steel

Structural steel has a lot of great qualities. It’s adaptable for custom design, its standard fittings make it easy to renovate or update and its composition makes it resistant to corrosion and rusting. It is also cost-effective and an efficient way to create a sturdy, well-built structure in a relatively short amount of time.

For all those compelling reasons to choose structural steel, there’s one quality that, for many people, is the top reason to use steel. For those that want to choose an economically-responsible plan for building, you can’t beat structural steel. Steel is a green choice, using a product that can be recycled again and again. Here are a few facts about recyclable structural steel:

There’s zero degradation: This means that you can recycle structural steel, again and again, without any damage at all to the composition of the material. Steel can be melted down an unlimited number of times without compromising the quality of the resulting building.

Recycling has big benefits: When you use recycled steel, it significantly reduces the environmental impact of your building project. Using recycled steel sheets instead of new steel from new materials requires 75 percent less energy.

It keeps steel out of landfills: When you recycle one kilogram of steel, it keeps two kilograms of greenhouse gases from impacting the atmosphere. It also keeps the material from being transported to a landfill, as well as reprocessing the material and conserving raw materials. For every ton of steel that is recycled, there is 1,131 kilograms of iron ore, 633 kilograms of coal and 54 kilograms of limestone conserved.

The environment benefits aren’t only through recycling: Using structural steel in your residential or industrial project offers additional environmental advantages. For instance, steel provides a sturdy structure that allows for more and heavier insulation. This saves you money on your heating and cooling costs and conserves energy. This also improves air quality, reducing the need for air purifies or humidifiers.

Steel endures: Once you build with structural steel, it will last forever. From high winds to earthquakes, steel is incredibly resilient and your structure will withstand any number of abuses. Even if you decide to renovate, your steel frame will accommodate expansion and redesign over and over again.

There are many reasons to use structural steel for your building project. Give us a call at Midland Steel Company to talk about your plans and why steel is your best choice for a successful process from start to finish.