Midland Steel Company follows a consistent process in its approach to every project. We work from blueprints provided by the design team. Midland Steel Company typically works as a sub-contractor under the general contractor on the project and provides an initial cost estimate using the design drawings to the general contractor.

When awarded the job, Midland Steel Company then prepares working shop and erection drawings utilizing SDS-2 software to develop a 3-D model of the structure.

After drawing approval from the design team, Midland Steel Company then takes the digital information in the model and assigns fabrication tasks through CNC machinery to crew teams and purchases the required materials. The fabrication team works hard to make the erection process as seamless as possible.

Our integrated software works all the way through the process from the time we make the model, through fabrication, shipping, receiving and the on-site erection of the materials.

Midland Steel Company has consistently been on the cutting edge by digitally transferring information so we can provide excellent service to our clients.