From the simplest projects to highly complex projects, our state-of-the-art facility serves as ground zero for complete fabrication jobs. Midland Steel Company has an experienced staff capable of interpreting and coordinating a total structural project.

The advantages of working with steel includes the fact that it is not only a long-lasting building material that provides for a structurally sound foundation, but it’s also an economical material that offers a wide range of flexibility for design.

From beams to columns, metal deck to bar joists, we build and/or install the entire structural framework for a vast variety of designs. Midland Steel Company prides itself on the flexibility it has in delivering what clients require.


Architectural Miscellaneous

Midland Steel Company relies on the latest computer programs available for top-notch fabrication services. We also have a highly qualified staff to carry out complex, interesting and captivating architectural elements that are important to our clients.


Design Build

At the Midland Steel Company, we have the ability to deliver a project design build seamlessly. Project delivery is a vital component of client satisfaction, relying on a unified workflow from the blueprint stage to the final walk-through of a project.