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The Secret to Avoiding Delays in Your Construction Project

Delays Are Costly to Any Construction Project Budget Are you getting set to embark on your next construction project, and wondering how to avoid the costly delays that plagued your last experience? There are a few simple practices you can focus on to help your construction project stay on schedule, and as a result, stay on budget. It really comes down to one major component that makes all the difference: communication. Nearly every error or  Continue Reading »

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Steel For Your Industrial Stairs

Industrial Stairs Made With Structural Steel Are Durable and Safe When it’s time to install industrial stairs in your construction project, you have several choices at your disposal. While many projects implement timber products into their stairs, there are a few good arguments for choosing structural steel for your industrial stairs. Here are four key reasons: Malleability: When it comes to flexible design options, structural steel is by far your best choice. Whether you’d like  Continue Reading »

The Beauty of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

Structural Steel Isn’t Just Functional If you’re planning a building project, you may be considering a plan that not only serves your purposes, but is also striking in its design.  If that describes your project, architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) is the perfect choice. Structural steel is always a good choice for its durability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, but it’s also a good choice for turning heads. AESS is a great solution for creating a look  Continue Reading »

How 3-D Models Direct the Design of Steel Structures

Models Ensure Seamless Process in Design of Steel Structures When you begin a building project, it’s important to have every possible advantage in preventing delays and errors. In the design of a steel structure, early collaboration between the architect, engineer, steel fabrication and erection companies with the general contractor is critical for ensuring a project stays on time and within budget. At Midland Steel Company this collaboration is empowered by the use of the SDS-2  Continue Reading »

Industry Adjusts Following Steel Tariff Announcement

New Steel Tariff Good For Long-Term, Despite Short-Term Complications On March 1, President Donald Trump announced the introduction of a 25% tariff on all imported steel. The news created widespread discussion around the impact the steel tariff would have on the domestic steel industry. Here are a few of the most pressing topics: Prices may be unstable for a few months. It’s anticipated that steel prices could be affected for the next three months as  Continue Reading »

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