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How 3-D Models Direct the Design of Steel Structures

Models Ensure Seamless Process in Design of Steel Structures When you begin a building project, it’s important to have every possible advantage in preventing delays and errors. In the design of a steel structure, early collaboration between the architect, engineer, steel fabrication and erection companies with the general contractor is critical for ensuring a project stays on time and within budget. At Midland Steel Company this collaboration is empowered by the use of the SDS-2  Continue Reading »

Industry Adjusts Following Steel Tariff Announcement

New Steel Tariff Good For Long-Term, Despite Short-Term Complications On March 1, President Donald Trump announced the introduction of a 25% tariff on all imported steel. The news created widespread discussion around the impact the steel tariff would have on the domestic steel industry. Here are a few of the most pressing topics: Prices may be unstable for a few months. It’s anticipated that steel prices could be affected for the next three months as  Continue Reading »

Midland Steel Participates in Construction Project for New Field House

Northwest Missouri State’s Hughes Field House Construction Project Well Under Way Midland Steel is excited to be part of a construction project for Northwest Missouri State in Maryville, Missouri. The new Hughes Field House is being built by E.L. Crawford Construction and Midland Steel is the steel fabricator and erector for the Field House. A new video posted on the Facebook page of Crawford Construction offers a bird’s eye view of the construction project, along  Continue Reading »

Midland Steel Company is Expanding

New Addition Will House Handrail and Light Architectural Components Since its beginning in the early 1960s, Midland Steel Company has been growing. By 1980, the company had already outgrown the existing fabrication shop they’d acquired and it was time to build a new location in Wathena, Kansas. The custom-constructed building was designed to serve the needs of the operation well into the future. Like any other construction company, Midland Steel has weathered a few ups  Continue Reading »

What’s the Best Feature of Structural Steel?

Recycling is at the Top of the List For Reasons to Use Structural Steel Structural steel has a lot of great qualities. It’s adaptable for custom design, its standard fittings make it easy to renovate or update and its composition makes it resistant to corrosion and rusting. It is also cost-effective and an efficient way to create a sturdy, well-built structure in a relatively short amount of time. For all those compelling reasons to choose  Continue Reading »