Models Ensure Seamless Process in Design of Steel Structures

When you begin a building project, it’s important to have every possible advantage in preventing delays and errors. In the design of a steel structure, early collaboration between the architect, engineer, steel fabrication and erection companies with the general contractor is critical for ensuring a project stays on time and within budget.

At Midland Steel Company this collaboration is empowered by the use of the SDS-2 3-D software that creates a model of the building project. Once there is approval of the project by the design team, the digital information in the model is used to assign fabrication tasks to crew teams and procures the materials for the project.

The integrated software guides the entire process of the design of a steel structure, from the initial creation of the model to fabrication, then shipping and receiving of materials and the erection of the structure.

Fabrication: Whether your project is simple or highly complex, the state-of-the-art technology that supports Midland Steel Company equips the staff to interpret and coordinate a complete building project.

There are several advantages to working with steel. It’s a long-lasting building material that provides structural soundness, but it’s also valued for its economical benefits. It’s fully recyclable, and the building can be reconfigured again and again for different purposes, using the same steel foundation.

The 3-D SDS-2 software used by Midland Steel provides the ability to meet your needs for a wide variety of structural designs, from columns to bar joists or metal deck.

Erection: One of the most important benefits of working with Midland Steel is the housing of fabrication and erection services within one company. This is the preferred approach by contractors, because it provides a seamless design, fabrication and erection process.

What’s more, the technology that supports Midland Steel throughout your project means that from the initial 3-D model stage through to final inspections, there’s a high level of collaboration that allows for early detection of challenges or potential delays. When you use a steel company that’s both fabricator and erector, and also uses the best technology to support your project, you’ll protect your timeline for your project.

If you’re planning a building project, make an appointment to talk with Midland Steel. We look forward to hearing about the design of your steel structure, and we can share examples of similar projects that Midland Steel has finished. Contact us today.