Structural Steel Isn’t Just Functional

If you’re planning a building project, you may be considering a plan that not only serves your purposes, but is also striking in its design.  If that describes your project, architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) is the perfect choice. Structural steel is always a good choice for its durability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, but it’s also a good choice for turning heads.

AESS is a great solution for creating a look that is unique and visibly prominent. Maybe you’re interested in walls of windows or a bright open look to your structure. You may be planning a building with a timeless but distinctive design. No matter what design is forming in your imagination, AESS can accommodate it. Whether it’s straight lines and right angles, or twisting curves for a softer look, AESS can be conformed to any specifications.

AESS elements are treated with a higher degree of finishing process to make them appealing for exposure in your building plans. Glossy or matte finishes, a range of colors and seamless or tectonic expression all contribute to steel playing a starring role in your building’s look.

This is an appealing way to use structured steel because it allows visitors to see the inner support structures of the building, whereas in most buildings they are hidden away behind walls. This creates a memorable visit to your building and helps shape the identity of your brand, whether it’s a university library, a sports team stadium or a home for your business headquarters.

AESS can be used to create striking rows of archways in an atrium, crisscrossing beams supporting a staircase or purely aesthetic elements featuring any shape that appeals to you.

When you choose structural steel, you not only choose a material that will perform consistently for generations, but you have the opportunity to create a look that will help define the experience your visitors remember.

Contact Midland Steel about your building project, and allow us to show you some examples of AESS that we’ve installed in the past. We can talk through your ideas and determine what kinds of features will best serve your needs related to both form and function.

Visit our projects page to see some examples of structural steel, including some AESS elements. You’ll find that both high quality and aesthetics are visibly prioritized in our work. We look forward to talking with you about your building plans to determine if AESS elements will be a good fit.