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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Steel For Your Industrial Stairs

Industrial Stairs Made With Structural Steel Are Durable and Safe When it’s time to install industrial stairs in your construction project, you have several choices at your disposal. While many projects implement timber products into their stairs, there are a few good arguments for choosing structural steel for your industrial stairs. Here are four key reasons: Malleability: When it comes to flexible design options, structural steel is by far your best choice. Whether you’d like  Continue Reading »

The Beauty of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

Structural Steel Isn’t Just Functional If you’re planning a building project, you may be considering a plan that not only serves your purposes, but is also striking in its design.  If that describes your project, architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) is the perfect choice. Structural steel is always a good choice for its durability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, but it’s also a good choice for turning heads. AESS is a great solution for creating a look  Continue Reading »

One More Reason to Choose Structural Steel for Your Project

Structural Steel is Made in America If you’re planning a building project, one of the early decisions to be made is choosing materials for the structure. Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential community, structural steel is an ideal choice for your project. Did you know structural steel is made in America and it supports American workers, as well as local businesses and the overall local economy? Structural steel in the U.S. is the  Continue Reading »

Key Reasons to Choose a Steel Structure for Your Construction Project

A Steel Structure Offers Resilience, Structural Integrity Initiating a building project requires major decisions, including the choice of material for the structure. A steel structure offers a variety of important benefits that include resilience, wind and earthquake resistance and structural integrity. The choice of a steel structure is always economical, so take a look at the other reasons to use steel: Resilience: Your steel structure will not crack, split, rot or warp and it will  Continue Reading »

The Renewable Benefits of Choosing Structural Steel

Structural Steel is Sustainable and Durable The construction of a 2,000-square foot home requires between 50 and 60 trees, equal to about an acre of wooded area. When you compare that impact on the environment, versus the use of structural steel, it’s easy to see the benefits of steel. The same home can be built with the equivalent of six scrapped cars. While this is an easy way to visualize the benefits that structural steel  Continue Reading »