Midland Steel Company Delivers Excellence From Start to Finish

Did you know if you choose Midland Steel Company you will be working with a company that does both fabrication and erection? Midland Steel offers a high quality experience for both and makes it a priority to form partnerships with other local contractors on projects in the Kansas City metro area.

Fabrication: At Midland Steel, we handle everything from simple to highly complex projects. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced staff lend their expertise to interpreting and coordinating your complete structural project. Working with steel ensures that your building’s foundation is structurally sound, and it is an economical choice that provides flexibility for a variety of design options.

We have the resources to build and install your entire framework. Whether you require beams, columns, metal deck, or bar joists, your project will be completed per your exact specifications. You can count on us to deliver quality from start to finish on the job.

We utilize specialized software that helps to deliver your exact specifications. Particularly in cases where special architectural features are included, we have the technology to carry complex designs through to completion.

Erection: While for many years Midland Steel worked solely in fabrication, sending projects to other companies for erection, we are proud to offer a seamless experience with both erection and fabrication under one group.

Most general contractors prefer to work with a steel company that is equipped to provide high quality work in both fabrication and erection, and since 2008, Midland Steel has been offering this one-stop service.

The benefit to you: You can see the excellence that we commit to all our projects the next time you visit Spratt Stadium at Missouri Western State University or Compass Elementary School in Platte City, MO. When you work with a company that offers both fabrication and erection, you benefit from a seamless project, without experiencing the delays that are common when working with separate fabrication and erection companies.

You also benefit from the collaborative attitude that governs all Midland Steel projects, where employees respect one another and prioritize good communication to ensure that your project is done the way you want it. You won’t experience the adjustments and back charges that can occur when you use separate fabrication and erection companies.

To find out more about the variety of projects that Midland Steel Company has completed, or to learn more about our fabrication or erection divisions, give us a call. We look forward to working with you!