A Steel Frame Building Offers Durability and Flexibility

When it comes to constructing in a residential area, a steel frame building may not be your first thought. After all, homes framed with wood have been the standard for so long that you may simply take it for granted that they should be wood-framed.

There are some good reasons however to break out of the mold and consider a steel frame building for construction of a residential building:

Faster construction time: Many of the parts and fittings for steel fabrication and erection are standard and pre-fabricated, so you’ll avoid delays and enjoy the satisfaction of quick construction.

Design possibilities: Don’t think of a steel frame building for a home in terms of what you see in industrial settings. Steel can be configured into any design you want for a home. While steel is still primarily used in commercial settings, many people are discovering the design flexibility that steel offers.

Affordable and sustainable: Steel is an affordable option for your residential building project. While the price of lumber often fluctuates and can significantly impact your project budget, the cost of steel has remained low for years. Pre-engineered parts also ensure ease of construction, which cuts costs for you.

In addition, a steel frame building is a good environmental choice. A home can be redesigned into a completely new structure using the same steel frame over and over again. Even when a building is demolished, the steel is fully recyclable.

Durability: A steel frame building is not susceptible to many of the problems that can occur with wood construction. From termites to mold, rotting and shrinking, there are a lot of problems that can be avoided when you choose steel. Also, because it’s a manufactured product, you won’t see splits or other defects that can come with lumber.

Single-source supply: When you choose a steel company that both fabricates and erects steel structures, you won’t wonder who you should call when you have questions. There’s a satisfying streamlining effect when you choose a steel frame building because there’s only one phone call to make when you need to know about your building project.

If you’re considering a steel frame building for a home or a commercial project, contact Midland Steel. We look forward to an opportunity to hear about your goals for the new structure and determine whether our company might be a good fit for your project.