Cutting Construction Costs Could Affect Your Project

Cutting construction costs is often a priority when designing and building a new structure. But accepting the lowest bid on your steel project is not usually the best option as you strive for a project that will be efficient and done with quality.

Here are a few reasons why you don’t want to choose the lowest bid or find ways to cut construction costs on your project:

You will pay for it in the long run. You may appreciate seeing a temporary reprieve on your budget, but you won’t make budget in your finished product. The delays and mistakes that come with a less-qualified steel fabricator and erector will cost you a lot of money as your project progresses.

You’re paying for availability: One of the benefits of using an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)-certified steel company is that there’s a commitment to quality, and they’ll be on-site to be sure they’re meeting your expectations and that of the AISC.

You’re paying for a seamless process: When you use a steel company that works in both fabrication and erection, you benefit from a seamless process. Even when separate erection and fabrication companies have a long working history together, they simply can’t streamline the process like a company that does both in-house.

A cheaper steel company may not be experienced: The reason for that low bid may be a lack of experience working on projects like yours. A steel company with a good reputation will be proud to name projects that are similar to the one you’re planning and they’ll be happy to tell you how their prior projects are different than yours, too.

If you want any design elements, be sure they can handle them: Does your bid include special touches you’d like to incorporate in order to make your building stand out? You may be disappointed to find out later that your cheaper steel company can’t accommodate your vision. Be sure to include what you really want your building to look like so that your bid is a true reflection of construction costs.

A cheaper steel company may not have the technology to support your project: Before you choose a steel company, find out what technology they use to support your construction project. A high-quality steel company will have SDS-2 software that can produce a 3-D model of your structure.

At Midland Steel Company, we know we aren’t likely to be the lowest bid you receive on your project because we embrace quality over cutting construction costs. Want to know more about what sets Midland Steel apart? Give us a call for a free consultation.