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One More Reason to Choose Structural Steel for Your Project

Structural Steel is Made in America If you’re planning a building project, one of the early decisions to be made is choosing materials for the structure. Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential community, structural steel is an ideal choice for your project. Did you know structural steel is made in America and it supports American workers, as well as local businesses and the overall local economy? Structural steel in the U.S. is the  Continue Reading »

Design of Steel Structures Part of Collaborative Process

New Technology Makes Design of Steel Structures More Informed In the traditional method of building projects, the design of steel structures is a stage in a linear process. Each major contributor to a project participates in their own area of expertise as the project progresses, which can sometimes cause a disconnect as a new contributor requires various adjustments and changes to be made. From the contractor to the engineer, the consultant to the fabricator, the  Continue Reading »

Midland Steel Proud to be a Part of New YMCA Facility Project

Midland Steel Participates in Completion of Exciting Atchison YMCA Building After 145 years of enjoying exercise and community life at the Atchison YMCA, members and guests have a new place to work out and socialize. Midland Steel is proud to have been a part of completing the project at the new YMCA in Atchison. The 30,000 square foot facility located at 321 Commercial Street offers a new building where members of the community can participate  Continue Reading »

Key Reasons to Choose a Steel Structure for Your Construction Project

A Steel Structure Offers Resilience, Structural Integrity Initiating a building project requires major decisions, including the choice of material for the structure. A steel structure offers a variety of important benefits that include resilience, wind and earthquake resistance and structural integrity. The choice of a steel structure is always economical, so take a look at the other reasons to use steel: Resilience: Your steel structure will not crack, split, rot or warp and it will  Continue Reading »

The Benefits of Choosing a Steel Frame Building for Your Residential Project

A Steel Frame Building Offers Durability and Flexibility When it comes to constructing in a residential area, a steel frame building may not be your first thought. After all, homes framed with wood have been the standard for so long that you may simply take it for granted that they should be wood-framed. There are some good reasons however to break out of the mold and consider a steel frame building for construction of a  Continue Reading »