The Benefits of Choosing a Steel Structure for Your Project

A steel structure supports a building that is light, airy and allows for a unique and creative approach to building design. It is also one of the most sustainable choices, featuring both durability and strength, as well as the ability to be recycled again and again.

In addition to these reasons, a steel structure is the premium choice for builders for the following benefits:

Construction speed: Builders appreciate the speed with which a steel structure can be erected. Steel components are predictable and their accuracy is consistent, allowing for fewer errors and delays in the building process. When a builder is able to utilize a company that is both a fabricator and erector, the process is streamlined even more.

Time considerations on a building project can equate to between three and five percent of overall building costs, so it’s critical to choose options that provide for the least possible delay.

Competition creates cost advantages: When the market is adjusted for inflation, the price of steel has decreased since the 1980s and is significantly cheaper than it was at the beginning of this century. In addition, there have been important advances in technology, such as industry-specific software, that has further reduced its price.

Competition is also keeping steel affordable. The market is at a healthy point, where there is a good balance between the number of projects and the number of fabricator/erector companies ready to work on projects.

Long-term adaptability: A steel structure is durable and has a long life, with many steel constructed buildings enjoying several lives as different types of owners change the way the building is used. Steel’s adaptability means that even if the building owner wants to make structural changes, it’s relatively simple to implement their vision.

Fewer safety incidents: A steel structure is erected by highly trained teams that are ready for quick, on-site construction with the steel materials. The steel construction industry also has a set of safety standards that it adheres to, through the American Institute of Steel Construction.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of choosing a steel structure, talk with our team at Midland Steel Company. We are both fabricators and erectors of steel, and we look forward to an opportunity to discuss your building plans and provide you with some examples of buildings we’ve completed that are similar to your project.